Geeky Themed Food Jewelry

Geeky Themed Food Jewelry

I've been making polymer clay jewelry for a few years now for my Etsy shop Charms by Nash. Specifically, I've been making miniature food jewelry. It started with a pair of key lime pie earrings in 2011, and I have committed to just doing the yummiest of jewelry pieces ever since.

Recently though, I've been inspired by some video games and Disney movies with some of my pieces. So here's a short list of cool pieces I've made, and what inspired theme.

Zelda Potions

First is the only non-polymer clay item on the list. These potion bottle necklaces and earrings were inspired by the more common potions seen in the Zelda video games. Whether you need to restore your health, magic, or both...there's a potion for you.


Health and Mana Potion Bottle Earrings by Charms by Nash


Health and Mana Potion Bottle Necklaces by Charms by Nash


Portal Cake

I've recently been introduced to the Portal video game series, and I have to say it is both addicting and frustrating at times. In the game, cake is somewhat of a bribe to complete the tests/puzzle...but we all know the cake is a LIE! The idea of the cake however sparked the fuel for hundreds of memes. And it inspired me to make some delicious new necklaces.


2-Layered Yellow Portal Inspired Cake Necklace by Charms by Nash


2-Layered Chocolate Portal Inspired Cake Necklace by Charms by Nash


Alice in Wonderland Cake Bottle

Alice in Wonderland is a fairy tale classic, with a couple of iconic food items. Although I'm not a fan of the Tim Burton live action movie, I loved the design of the "eat me" cake. It was my inspiration for some custom orders.


Close up of custom Eat Me Cake Earring by Charms by Nash


Pair of Alice in Wonderland Earring by Charms by Nash


Not jewelry, but a red velvet version of my cake for a customer by Charms by Nash


Poison Apple

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is THE Disney Classic Animated film. When the Evil Queen dips the apple, and the poison drips off into this eerie skeleton face, that image became iconic. This is by far the most popular fictional food item in my shop. I carved the face out of glow in the dark clay, giving these charms the extra little touch of evil.


Poison Apple Necklace by Charms by Nash


Did I mention they glow in the dark!?

If you're interested in owning some awesome food jewelry, check out my Etsy Store Charms by Nash. I also post TONS of work-in-progress pictures on my Facebook Fanpage, so you can see how some of this stuff is made.


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