Starbound: My First Beta-Test Video Game

I'm married to a gamer who has introduced me to loads of awesome new games that can eat away hours of my free time. I've seen my husband play a lot of indie computer games that he's purchased through Steam, but I never created an account myself. Steam is this amazing digital platform that serves as a marketplace and community for gamers to purchase and play computer games.

A month ago, my husband showed me a trailer for an indie video game called Starbound. The next thing I knew, I was creating a Steam account, and he gifted me a copy of Starbound (Did I mention you can buy games on Steam, and send them to your friends as digital gifts!? I love it!).


At first glance of the trailer, Starbound reminded me of two games I've seen but never played personally, Minecraft and Terraria. I was pretty excited, because I'd never played a sandbox RPG like this before.

Your character explores this expansive game world that consists of countless planets with different terrains and environments. You can harvest, dig, hunt, build, and physically change these planets.

The first time I played, the game was pretty glitchy. It's still in beta-testing mode. Once I got the game working, I played for 5 hours straight. I started out completing the in-game quests, but then I just started exploring. Fighting monsters, and digging deep into the earth to find rare minerals to make awesome new gear.

One thing I didn't anticipate with playing the beta version of a game was the updates and data wipes. One day, I started up the game, it auto-installed an update, and everything seemed fine. I teleported down to my home planet (or what I thought was my home planet), and my home was gone! I was outside a hostile village, where people were shooting at my character with guns! My house, crafting table, and my whole planet were erased with the update.

I flew around to find another planet to call home, and I was met with acid rain, poisonous ponds, or my favorite...a room that instantly killed me. Seriously, one planet I teleported to, I immediately appeared in some sort of room filled with a laser beam or something, and it instantly killed me.

The best part about that is the update that was installed, made it so instead of being respawned on my ship after dying, my character respawns in that spot where I just died. So I was stuck in a constant loop of being killed and reborn. So I just created a brand new character and started over from scratch.

I've tried to learn not to get too attached to my characters during this beta stage of the game. But I have to confess, I'm super attached to my current character, and her home planet now. I hear there will be another character wipe coming soon, so I'm going to just try to have fun building new characters. This would be a great time to build a character that isn't Floran, the carnivorous plant people that my last two characters have been. There are currently six playable races in the game, and I've only tried one of them.

Looking past some of the bumps and glitches that come with playing a beta version of a game, I'm enjoying myself so far. It's a quickly addicting game with an amazing cinematic-like soundtrack. I've been trying not to play Starbound recently, because whenever I do, I don't spent less than 3 hours playing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the developers do to improve the game. I've been following Starbound on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website for updates. If you're looking for a fun indie game to play solo or with your friends, definitely pick up a copy.


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