Get ready for Free RPG Day!

Get ready for Free RPG Day!

Saturday June 15th is Free RPG Day. For those who may not know, RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Much like Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day is a promotional event and lots of local gaming stores are participating.

Free RPG Day has been going on since 2007. The goal of the event is to inspire gamers to play new RPGs, and introduce new players to the awesome world of role playing games. Players can expect participating stores to be running various RPGs, and they will also have some freebies and giveaways!

My husband and I will be celebrating by heading to Gamer's World in Schaumburg, and playing Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure We Be Goblins! Which is one of the Pathfinder Free RPG Day adventures from a couple of years back.

Cover art WGB

We've actually never played We Be Goblins before, so we're pretty excited. I've avoided any spoilers, but from my understanding we'll be playing as GOBLINS! So, I can only imagine this will be a hilariously fun gaming session.

This year Paizo is releasing their new Free RPG Day adventure, We Be Goblins Too! Not sure if we'll be playing it tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to playing the first one for sure!

There will be loads of other Role Playing Games for people to play tomorrow as well. I just love Pathfinder so much because it's the first RPG I was introduced to, and I'm obsessed.

Our local gaming store, Games Plus in Mount Prospect, is having a Free RPG Day event as well, so we'll be stopping by to check it out. If you want to do some free gaming in your area, check out the Retail Locator to find participating stores near you.

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