Going Natural Has Changed My Life

In 2010, I decided to make a significant change in my life. I chose to stop chemically straightening my hair, and went natural. It was a huge adjustment. I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube, and read a lot of hair blogs to find ways to take care of my hair. It wasn't until 2012 that I decided to start using natural ingredients to make my own hair moisturizer.

Our medicine cabinet quickly began to fill up with bottles of natural oils, and shea butter. I was so excited to find natural ingredients that I could use to create my own hair stuff. There's something cool about knowing exactly what's in your products.

It wasn't long before I started to look for natural products not just for my hair, but for my skin too. I switched from my regular face scrub and lotion to Nubian Heritage's Black Soap, and their Goat's Milk & Chai body lotion.

Going natural completely changed the way I felt about my body. Eliminating those harsh chemicals from my hair regiment has totally changed my hair's health. As a result, I wanted to find more ways I could "go natural" in my life.

Since last year my husband and I have included more fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet, and we don't buy soda at all. We brew our own iced tea, and we drink lots of water. That's pretty much all we drink. We haven't gone completely organic with the food we consume, but since going natural with my hair, I'm starting to become more aware of natural alternatives for my body.

I'm currently getting into herbs, and learning about how they can be used to improve my health. I'm looking into different herbal teas, and I even started making my own liquid herbal extracts (tinctures). I would love to get my hands on stevia leaves -- a naturally sweet herb -- and possibly use it as a sugar substitute in the teas we make at home.

On a spiritual level, I feel like I'm connecting more with myself, and the environment. We live in a world where everything is so instant and convenient. If we just slow down, take a step back from technology, maybe we could take the time to appreciate the natural resources that we can use to better our lives. Recently I've noticed myself reading a lot about herbs and connecting with nature, more than I've been clearing out my DVR.

Creating your own natural products is a process, and tinctures can sometimes take weeks before their ready for consumption. But working with these natural ingredients has taught me to be more patient and appreciative. I've even started researching crystals, and how their metaphysical and healing properties might be used to bring balance to the energy within me. In a way, I'm continuing to go natural on so many levels.

Some people might call me a hippie, or a tree hugger, but I don't really care. For the first time in my life, I'm really starting to get comfortable with myself and I appreciate all the things this wonderful planet provides for us. Who knew chopping all my hair off would change my life?


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  • This is great post. I love your hair and all the ideas you shared!!!

  • In reply to Kortney Peagram:

    Thank you so much! I'm venturing into making my own lip balms, and ointments now. My living room is slowing turning into an apothecary!

  • Nash,
    You look awesome. Love it!

  • In reply to SixBrownChicks:

    Thank you! The shrinkage is a pain, but I'm learning to just work with it lol.

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