Fall Update: Marriage & Etsy

Some of you may have noticed that my blogging has been lacking recently. I've been a busy little bee these past few months. The biggest news I have to share is that I'm married now!

My wedding was October 6, 2012, and it was amazing! I did a lot of DIY projects for our wedding (because I'm so crafty, and it saved us a ton of money), so keep an eye out for a wedding projects blog coming soon. We're still waiting on our photos to come back. Once they do, I can share a few with you guys!

The other exciting news is that my business Charms by Nash has been getting a lot of attention lately. Now that the wedding planning is over, I have time to create new pieces, and work on getting my handmade items into the hands of more people! My one business goal for 2012 was to get Charms by Nash in a store. We're near the end of this year, and that goal is going to be met.

I'll be making custom cupcake keychains that customers will be able to purchase at Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago! I'm currently working on the first set of keychains for the bakery. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed, and my Store's Facebook Fanpage to find out when these exclusive keychains go on sale!

Also, I just did an interview with All You Magazine about my business and how Charms by Nash began. Can you believe it!? A magazine wanted to interview ME! This was my first magazine interview ever, so I'm extremely excited about it (as you can probably tell). The interview should go to print early 2013, I'll definitely keep you all posted when I get more details.

So, I may be blogging a lot less while I work on getting Charms by Nash off the ground. But I wanted to let you all know I haven't completely abandoned my blog!



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  • Congrats on your wedding!

  • In reply to spudart:

    Thank you so much! :)

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