Albion Swords & Mark Ryan Visit Chicago Comic Con

Over the weekend at Chicago Comic Con, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mark Ryan. He was attending the convention, not as a guest, but to support the people of Albion Swords.

Albion Swords is a Wisconsin based company that creates incredible limited edition, museum quality swords. These guys take their craft seriously, and the end product is not only a work of art, but a fully functional weapon.

Mark Ryan was in Chicago with the Albion Sword team, because they created an amazing replica of one of the Seven Swords of Wayland that was used on the television series Robin of Sherwood.

Mark played the character Nasir in the series, and he explains, "I was promised, when we finished the show, that I would get one of the Seven Swords of Wayland. But, when the show wrapped, they all disappeared."

When Mark saw online that Albion Swords made a replica of one of the Seven Swords of Wayland online, he "Liked" it on Facebook, and they got in touch with him soon after. The wonderful folks at Albion Swords presented Mark Ryan with his very own sword. To return the favor, Mark flew out to Chicago Comic Con to help promote the company and the wonderful work that they do.

Mark Ryan is such a genuinely nice person, it was great seeing him take time out of his weekend, to help support the projects of others.

Having the opportunity to see these swords up close was pretty awesome. These swords are real weapons, that are perfectly balanced, authentic replicas. If you're a collector of fine weaponry, I would recommend Albion Swords. Their swords are a bit on the pricier side, but you're paying for the incredible quality of their work, and it's well worth it.

You can find links to their website, and fanpage below:

Albion Swords Website

Albion Swords Official Facebook Page

If you're interested in seeing exactly how Albion Swords are made, check out their video from The Discovery Channel.


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