Handmade Market Chicago

Handmade Market Chicago

Earlier this month I participated in my first indoor craft show. Handmade Market Chicago is a very different kind of craft show, because it's located in a bar. Yes, you can have an afternoon cocktail while you shop!

Handmade Market Chicago happens once a month at The Empty Bottle (January - April then it continues October - December). I didn't know what to expect at first, but I had a great time. The atmosphere was funky, and some of the artwork on the wall was creepy interesting.

The attendance was great. A lot more people showed up than I expected for a 4-hour event.

There were a lot of curious customers stopping by my table, and most of them couldn't believe I hand-sculpted the food charms that I was selling. I love seeing people's reaction when they find out the jewelry is completely handmade, and I didn't just buy a bunch of dollhouse food and turn it into jewelry.

One of the highlights of the day was when EGen.TV stopped by my table to interview me about my jewelry. The story will air on their web show tonight at 9pm CST. You can watch at their website www.egen.tv or on their live stream site www.livestream.com/egentv.

Handmade Market Chicago is definitely worth checking out. 30 artists are featured each month, and they all have unique handmade items for sale.

I'll be out there again selling my jewelry Saturday, March 10th. If you can't make it, you can buy my stuff at the Charms by Nash Etsy Store.


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