My Disney World Proposal

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little more than 2 years now, and I've always been a tough one to surprise.

I knew he'd already purchased an engagement ring weeks before our trip to Orlando with his family, but I had no idea what the ring looked like, or when he'd pop the question. Knowing we had a big vacation coming up, I naturally suspected a Disney World proposal was in the works.

He tried to throw me off by telling me he wouldn't propose at Disney World because "everyone does that." At first, I was disappointed, because I really wanted a Disney World proposal (who wouldn't?), then of course I started to think that it would happen at Disney World, and he was just trying to throw me off the trail.

I thought I had it all figured out until one night, I accidentally found my engagement ring hidden in the apartment! It was a yellow sapphire with diamond accents, which is exactly the type of ring I wanted. I immediately felt guilty for finding it, but that didn't stop me from trying it on, and running around the apartment, watching the ring sparkle under the different lights in every room.

After wiping my finger prints off the ring, and placing it exactly the way I found it, I just felt sick to my stomach. My boyfriend is always trying to surprise me, and I just ruined one of the biggest surprises ever!

I couldn't keep it a secret for a day. I sent him a text asking if he would be ok if I found out something about his proposal. He said he would just change whatever it was I found out about. When I told him I found the ring, he was very upset, and said he would exchange it. I WAS DEVASTATED!!!

He wasn't mad at me, but he was mad at himself for moving the ring out of it's original hiding place to start with. Originally it was hidden inside his computer, but he took it out, so the ring would be easily accessible when it was time to pop the question.

I felt horrible. He wanted to see my face the first time I saw the ring, and I took that away from him. I did plenty of crying and apologizing that day (and even cooked an "I'm sorry I found my engagement ring" steak dinner that night). He assured me that he would just take the yellow sapphire center stone, and have it placed in a different setting, so the ring he proposed with wouldn't be the one I found. The jeweler wouldn't be able to finish the new ring until the week of our vacation, which meant he wouldn't even have the ring while we were at Disney World *sigh*. All my daydreams of a Disney World proposal were crushed!

In any case, I was very excited to go to Disney World, since I'd never been their before. Not stressing about when my boyfriend was going to propose, actually made the vacation more enjoyable.

The first day at the Magic Kingdom was the best! I could barely contain my excitement. It literally felt like the "happiest place on Earth!"

When night fell, we all wandered towards Tomorrowland, and we walked behind the Cinderella castle along the way.

There was a wishing well, that I hadn't noticed. We all stopped for a bit, and my boyfriend's dad was tossing coins in the well. Since we were going to be there a minute, I wanted to make a wish too. I tossed a quarter in and thought to myself, "I wish Mike would propose soon."

After I made my wish, we continued to head towards Tomorrowland, and my boyfriend said he wanted to show me something. His family kept walking ahead of us, and he took me to the other side of the wishing well, where you could see the castle all lit up in yellow (my favorite color). I tried to get my camera out in time to snap a photo, but it changed colors while I dug through my overstuffed purse.

The next thing I remember, my boyfriend was saying all these sweet things about us, and how much he loved me, and he got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him. I was completely surprised!

I said yes, of course, and he put the ring on my finger. He told me it was the same ring I found in our apartment the week before (but I was so caught up in the proposal, I hadn't even noticed the ring until he told me it was the same one).

That whole bit about him exchanging the ring and it not being ready until after we got back from Florida was a clever lie. Everything worked out perfectly. In a crazy way, my finding the ring made the proposal more of a surprise, because I'd been suspecting it would happen at Disney World. But when I found the ring, and thought he was exchanging it, I thought he wouldn't even have the new ring until we got back from vacation.

I got the Disney World proposal of my dreams, and he actually got to see the look of genuine surprise on my face when he proposed.

I told him that I made a wish that he would propose, and it came true literally two minutes after that! That wishing well is magical. He couldn't have timed a better proposal if he tried. We went back to the Cinderella castle another day, so we could take pictures near the wishing well.

It all still feels like a fairytale to me.

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