Yahoo! interviews costumer Victoria Schmidt

Shout out to the folks at the Yahoo! Movies blog Movie Talk. This week they're gearing up for San Diego Comic Con, and they interviewed a very awesome costumer named Victoria Schmidt.

I've personally never met Victoria, but being the cosplay enthusiast that I am, I actually recognized her from her costume photos! (small world).

I thought the video interview was great, and I love the fact that her boyfriend is also into costuming. They met at Anime Expo. Conventions are a great way to meet like-minded geeks to date. I met my boyfriend at a comic convention.

As a costumer myself, I think it's hard to date someone who isn't into this stuff also. As you can see from the interview costuming can take up a lot of your time and money. You want a partner who gets it...and if they're as much into it as you are, you can do couples costume (I love those).

Check out the video below from the Movie Talk blog, and you can read the full article here.



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