Why aren't geeks doing more for the economy?

Cosplayer Victoria Schmidt has been getting a great deal of media attention during this Comic-Con season.

She was recently feature in a Yahoo! video interview, and today a lot of my Facebook friends have been sharing this interview she did for RT America. Victoria has pretty much become the ambassador for costumers of America.

This latest video interview has pissed off a lot of people in the geek community, not because of Victoria, but the overall tone of the interview left a sour taste in the mouths of many. The reporter is basically criticizing the con-goers for saving up their money, just to go to San Diego Comic Con.

This reporter wants to know why people save up all this money to spend at Comic-Con instead of giving it to charity, or using their money to make a difference in the world. Wow! Seriously lady?

So her concern is that thousands of people are spending lots of money for an event that happens once a year? Big deal!

Why don't we ask all those families who spend money taking their kids to Disney World, or fans who spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on Super Bowl tickets to use that money for a better cause. Why are just us geeks getting lectured about what we use our hard earned money for?

If anything, large events like San Diego Comic Con help boost the local economy.

Victoria Schmidt made an excellent point when she stated that many costumers actually use their costumes to participate in charity events, raise money for medical research, or visit sick children in hospitals.

It sucks that the interview gets cut off right when Victoria was making valid points about how costumers contribute to the community. But, I don't think it's fair to target a group of people and tell them how they should be spending their money.

Kudos to Victoria for rockin' her Starfleet uniform for the interview also. She did an excellent job standing her ground towards a somewhat bias reporter.

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    I've never been to Comic Con before but I would love to go one year. I totally agree with you on the reporters attitude towards Victoria. She sounds condescending and judgemental. Who cares that people are spending the money to go to a nerd festival...if we spend money...we are stimulating the economy. I'm sure she doesn't spend any of her money on charities and helping homeless people. As a fellow sci-fi and board game enthusiast I think that lady needs to be reporting about stuff that matters instead of giving people shit for having an interest and hobby in something she doesn't understand.

  • In reply to Linda Wong:

    Totally! I don't understand why the story was specifically about people who attended Comic-Con. If you want to show concern about recreational spending, they should have made the "American people" the subject of their ridicule, not geeks and nerds.

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