The Smallville Super Suit We All Wanted

Now that Smallville has been over for a while, I thought it would be safe to complain about the suit. Even though they used the actually shoot from Superman Returns in some of the scenes were the suit is on display, it appears that Tom Welling never actually wears it.

Yes we see Superman in long shots, and he's clearly a CGI character. Whenever we do see Clark in the red and blue, it's only from the waist up (like in the rooftop shot during the last scene of the series).

Why didn't they make a Smallville version of the suit!? They've taken liberties with all the other super heroes and villains who have made cameos in the series, I think they could have gotten away with actually make something Smallville-esque for Clark.


Photo from the final scene in the Smallville Season 10 Finale


The CW © 2011

In the season 10 poster we see Clark standing on a metallic "S" shield, and we see Superman reflected in the shield. What most of us don't see is the actual suit.

Having access to a layered version, I was able to go all Photoshop CSI on this poster.

The suit from the poster is very similar to Superman's classic suit, but without bright red underwear on the outside of his tights.

Instead, we have a few geometric patterns that create the same shape underwear would make. (so it's like underwear....but not). There are also two shades of blue in the suit instead of a solid color.

There are extra seams and line designs featured in the suit as well. There is also an obvious update the the "S" on the chest of the suit. I don't know why this suit never made it to television. I love it!

This super suit has the same feel as the classic Superman, but with a few modern touches.

It seems the folks at Smallville played it safe with not really showing a suit at all. What do you guys think of the poster suit?


Smallville Concept Art The CW © 2011


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  • I never did understand why Golden Era Comic book hero's had to wear underwear over tights. Did it represent "Freedom" ? in that case I should go to work in my underwear LOL

  • In reply to AskEachOther:

    That stuff looks great on paper (in comics), but in real life, it's hard to take a hero seriously with their panties on the outside lol.

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