Last Days of Smallville: Episode 21/22 Finale

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I've been sitting at this computer for several minutes, trying to think of the perfect way to sum up my thoughts on the Smallville series finale. It was incredible!

The finale was almost like watching a Smallville movie. It felt much different than a normal episode. It was just massive and epic and just wonderful!

I go into more detail about my feelings on the resolution for each character in the YouTube review at the end of this article.

The Smallville team did such an amazing job wrapping up 10 years of story.


Read no further if you haven't seen the series finale of Smallville


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As I mention in my YouTube video, part of what makes Smallville such an amazing show, is the fan dedication. I'm proud to have been apart of the loyal fans that have stuck with Clark since Freshman year.

I've had people doubt the staying power of a show about Clark Kent. I even have a few friends who asked me, "Is that show still on?" To those people out there who haven't gone on that journey, you're missing out on an incredible show.

There are few shows on television that I'm so passionate about, and I don't know if there will ever been another sci-fi super hero drama as well done as Smallville. Thanks to the cast and crew for all the memories. Special thank you to John Schneider for giving this little blogger a chance to interview one of the most beloved TV dads.

I also want to thank my YouTube subscribers. They are the few people out there in cyberspace who actually noticed when my video reviews were late. Getting to interact with other fans throughout this last season has been awesome.

Please enjoy my very last Smallville video review.


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  • I been watching reviews all day and I been runing across some bad ones. I dont think they get what this showe is about. Its not about Superman. Its about clark Kent finding who he is. Everyone knows Superman as the man who alway make the right choses and dose what is best for everyone. But no one realy know why. The showe wasnt about going aginst Darkside, that wasnt the final battle for them. that was just one of many meetings between them. Its about the jorney Clark Kent (not supman) had to take and the trials he had to go though is become the man of steel that we all know. so what more anyone wasnt from this showe. It was great and well wroth the 10 year wait!

  • In reply to BNWSlayer:

    Exactly! The people that stopped watching the show because he didn't "become Superman" right away, missed the point of the series. This WAS a show about Clark Kent, not Superman. Yes he becomes Superman in the end, but I LOVE how the show was able to show us the events in this man's life that made him the hero that everyone is familiar with.

    Thanks for checking out my review. Always love hearing from other fans.

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