Making polymer clay fruit canes


Various Fruit Canes (Courtesy:

So I've been working on a few clay projects for my Etsy store, Charms by Nash. I'm also learning a lot of techniques through video tutorials, message boards, and an amazing book called The Polymer Clay Cookbook.

Miniature food charms have, so far, been my favorite thing to make out of clay. I'm constantly looking for ways to make the charms more realistic. Fruit canes are used a lot in polymer clay art to add realistic details to miniatures.

A few weeks ago, I attempted to make my own lime canes to add a nice touch to the Key Lime Pie charms that I already make. Once the cane is made, you just cut slices and add them to your clay pieces. Check out this step by step video tutorial on how to make your own citrus fruit cane from artist Toni Ellison.



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