Last Days of Smallville: Episode 17 Kent

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I was very excited to see John Schneider in another episode. Even though the Jonathan Kent he was portraying last week wasn't our Jonathan Kent, he did such an amazing job.

If you want to check out my interview with Mr. Schneider about his return to Smallville, click here to check it out.

Tom Welling did an amazing job of giving Clark Luthor a powerful sex appeal with a healthy dose of creppiness (actually he made my skin crawl).

Overall I loved this episode, and it's really starting to sink in that my beloved show is ending. I think I get choked up in my video review on more than one occasion, so I apologize for my girly emotions.


There aren't that many episodes of Smallville left now, so if you're watching my video review, you probably saw the episode or you just want all the spoilers. Go ahead!


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