Selling Your Art on Etsy


A few of my artistic friends have started their own craft businesses and Etsy Stores. Being a creative person myself, I was so inspired, I decided to start my own store.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a global online market place and community where artist sell handmade items (you can also sell supplies and vintages items). Think of it as an online craft fair.

After checking out the site, and all the message board filled with artists sharing crafting tips, and small business ideas, I had to join. The big question was, "What should I sell?"

In the past I've made everything from hand painted lamp shades to homemade candles. For my first venture into being an online vendor, I thought I should think smaller (since I would be shipping these items).

I thought about hand sculpting charms out of clay. I read up on the difficulty of making charms, and watched a few YouTube tutorials, but it was a trip to Joann's Fabrics that sealed the deal for me.


That weekend, Joann's happened to be having a 50% off sale on their clay. It was like a sign! I wasted no time in buying loads of clay and supplies to start crafting. My store has only been online for about two weeks now, and I already made my first sale!

I've been having a blast making these little clay creations. With every new design, I surprise myself with how great they turn out. I've wasted a good amount of materials from experimenting with techniques, but that's a given when you're learning a new craft.

I absolutely love the Etsy community. Joining is free, and the price you pay for listing items is super low. There are so many amazing artists online, I could spend all day just looking through the various shops.

One of the most inspiring features on Etsy has to be the blog series titled Quit Your Day Job. These blog entries feature artists who have made art their life. They quit their day jobs and now sell their art on Etsy full time. I would love to be able to be my own boss. Maybe someday, huh?

I've always had a secret desire to have my own table at a convention or an art fair, but I never knew what I could sell. Now that I'm getting my feet wet with this Etsy Store, I'm thinking about how I can get more exposure to my art and possible make this a serious part of my life.


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  • I like them, good job.

    Every time I start to think there's absolutely no talent whatsoever among any Chicagonow bloggers and that every article basically sucks a$$, something like this saves the day.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Thank you! That comment actually made me smile.

    I've been having a blast making these little clay trinkets. A friend of mine actually has a cupcake business, and if I start making cupcake charms we will form a mighty alliance! It could be great exposure to my work. I'm really excited.

    Thanks for reading my blog gwill, it has put me in a very good mood.

  • In reply to Nash:

    I actually added 3 new photos to the gallery. After coming home from work, I started constructing the base for cupcake charms. They turned out awesome!

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