X-Men: First Class Trailer

So the long awaited trailer for X-Men: First Class is finally online. I must say this is definitely looking better than the Wolverine origins movie (sorry Marvel, but it was kind of awful).

I honestly had my doubts about this movie, but this trailer has made me very anxious to see this in theaters. Although the film hits the big screen in June, only a few legit photos have been released online so far. Which seemed odd because the Thor and Captain America films (also hitting theaters this summer) have been heavily marketed.

(Check out the trailer after the jump)

So what do you guys think? Should Marvel quit making X-Men films or could this save the live action X-Men franchise?


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  • Not really feeling it. Waiting on Captain America and Thor.

  • In reply to Lashondaa:

    I'm excited about the Cap and Thor too, but I've personally been more of an X-Men fan than an Avengers fan.

    After that Wolverine movie, I've been waiting on a good X-Men movie. Hopefully it's more character driven than effects driven. I'll definitely be seeing all 3 Marvel movies this summer :)

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