Last Days of Smallville: Episode 14 Masquerade

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So I re-watched the Masquerade episode of Smallville, and it was pretty intense.

There are some interesting things going on with Oliver's character, and I really hope he can convince Chloe to stick around (until the end of the season at least).

Clark is finally deciding to wear a disguise, and hide behind a pair of glasses. He'll be masquerading as a "mild mannered" citizen now.

I'm sure no one will ever suspect Clark Kent is The Blur. Maybe once this Superman character starts showing his face in Metropolis, all the employees of the Daily Planet will have completely forgotten what Clark looks like without glasses! (That would pretty much make the Daily Planet's staff the worst reporters in the world.)


If you haven't seen episode 14 Smallville yet, please don't watch the video. There are massive spoilers here.


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