Last Days of Smallville: Episode 12-13 (Collateral/Beacon)

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It seems my life is getting in the way of my video reviews. I'm way behind on my Smallville videos, so this week I'm combining the last two episodes.

I didn't rewatch Collateral, so there are probably some thing I failed to mention. I completely forgot to mention part about the Luthor Mansion in Beacon, but that scene was completely awesome.

Sometimes I forget this is the last season, and anything goes now. There have been some shocking revelations in this season so far, and it's not over yet.

The biggest news this weekend is the return of Michael Rosenbaum. I'm completely pleased, and there is no way they could have ended the series without Lex (the real Lex) in my opinion.


If you haven't seen episodes 12 and 13 of Smallville yet, please don't watch the video. There are massive spoilers here.


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