I love Dragon Quest IX


Life has been pretty busy lately, and books and video games have been my recent escape. Sunday, my boyfriend and I started playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Dragon Quest IX is a role playing fantasy adventure game.

Originally my boyfriend gave me this game for the Nintendo DS for Christmas, but I was just way too involved in the puzzle solving Professor Layton game he also got me for Christmas.

There was also a part of me that was trying to wait to play until he got a copy of the game himself. I love video games we can play together. Dragon Quest IX is known to be an excellent co-op game.

Turns out, all it took for my boyfriend to go out and get the game himself, was for him to see how much fun I was having playing the game!

Character Generator.jpg

Character Generator
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One of the coolest things about Dragon Quest IX is how much you can customize your character. You choose the height, hair style, face, skin color, eye color, and name for your character. As you progress in the game you can buy more clothes, armor, and weapons to make your character even more unique (and stylish). During game play you choose a vocation that will determine what sort of special skills your character will have. You also get to decide which skills and abilities your character will focus on.

There are six basic vocations that you can choose from: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Martial Artist, Thief, and Minstrel.

As you complete certain quests in the game, up to six more vocations can be unlocked.

(You can see all the vocations in the gallery below.)

Even though the different characters look a certain way, you can pick and choose what items your character wears or carries. My character's weapon of choice at the moment is the Iron Fan, while my boyfriend's character is mastering the Vine Whip. We're still both Minstrels at this point in the game.

Not only do you customize your personal character, the player gets to select the physical features and vocation of characters in their party. So you have an entire team of characters with the appearance and skills you've personally chosen.

Other than all the awesome quests, and adventures your character goes on, you can also travel to other player's games. When you connect with the multiplayer option, one player becomes the host, and the others are guests in the host's world. While you're in the host's world you can explore, collect items, fight monsters, and talk to people. You can fully interact in that world on your own, without the host having to be nearby.

When the host needs your help in a battle, they sort of summon you into battle. With your combined abilities, a foe is much easier to defeat.

I absolutely love Pokemon, but I think I'm enjoying Dragon Quest more at the moment because instead of battling your friends, you get to work with them to complete your adventure.

The story is incredible, the game play is wonderful. The top screen map comes in very handy since your character can not only travel roads and paths, but they can wander in the woods and through the bushes and whatnot. You can literally explore all over the place. Watch out for monsters though, they're everywhere. On the plus side, you'll gain experience by fighting them all (I think at one point, I was looking for monsters to level up my party). I've never loved an RPG so much! I think Dragon Quest IX is my new Pokemon. Being able to play with up to three friends in Dragon Quest is such a plus as well.

I even have my DS in my purse, so I can do an adventure or two on my lunch break tonight.


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