Clone Wars Screening in Chicago

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Tuesday night I attended the exclusive Clone Wars screening presented by Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network at the ShowPlace ICON downtown. Screenings have been going on in select cities across the country. Those who attended the event got a first look at a new villian, Savage Opress, a Zabrak warrior. Darth Maul is also a Zabrak, which is why there's a significant physical resemblance.

Some members of the 501st Midwest Garrison were there in full costume
interacting with fans. Voice actor Tom Kane (Yoda) was also there
meeting fans, signing autographs, and was also the MC for the event. I
even got a chance to meet fellow Chicago Now blogger Carrie Goldman,
and her daughter Katie, who has become somewhat of a Star Wars


Savage Opress (Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Katie was thrilled to see we were wearing the same shirt from Her Universe. The 501st created a wonderful gift bag of member trading cards, Star Wars toys, and even a Princess Leia costume that Katie wore the rest of the night. Tom Kane also had goodies for Katie and her family from some of the other Clone Wars actors.

Attendees of the screening got to see the three-part story revealing Savage Opress
on a big screen! It was amazing! I'll admit, I don't watch the Clone
Wars animated series on Cartoon Network regularly. After seeing the
Star Wars: The Clone Wars film in 2008, I wasn't eager to watch the TV
series that followed. Clone Wars is geared towards a younger audience,
and it just felt different then the Star Wars I'm accustom to. Now that
the show is into it's third season, it seems to have gotten much more

The three-part episode I saw last night was darker, and more violent then I would have expected for a Cartoon Network show. It wasn't excessively bloody or anything, but it heavily focused on the Dark Side. We get a glimpse of Sith training, and our heroes, the Jedi, are hardly featured. When we do see Anakin and Obi-Wan, they are no match for Savage Opress.

I'm definitely interested in catching up on the Clone Wars series now. The show has matured, and last night's screening had me wanting to see more! 

Clone Wars airs Fridays at 8pm (CST) on Cartoon Network.

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  • Season two and three of Clone Wars rocked. Not for kids at all. It fleshes out the fringe characters and even gets under the skin of Clone troopers - there was even a great episode where a Clone trooper commander gets separated from his squad and is aided by a clone trooper deserter and his family. Well worth a watch!

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    After I saw the theatrical release of Clone Wars, I wasn't in any hurry to watch an animated series because it DID seem pretty kiddy...if that makes sense lol.

    I really would like to get into this show now. The focus on the sith training and distrust on the dark side is VERY intriguing.

  • In reply to Nash:

    You'd love one of the main characters in it, Ahsoka Tano A.K.A. Snips - Anakin's young Padawan apprentice. Good strong female character. She's pretty much in every episode ... and she's hot.

    The bounty hunters in CW rock. Especially Cad Bane. Seriously, check it out.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    I'm familiar with the character. I saw the Clone Wars animated film back in 2008. THAT movie seemed to be geared more towards kids with their nicknames like "Snips, Sky-guy, and Artoo-ee." It added a more adolescent vibe to Star Wars, and I just had no desire to watch a TV series like that.

    BUT, after seeing this Clone Wars screening, I see the series has matured a great deal, and I'm willing to give it a chance :)

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