Video message to Star Wars fan Katie

I just heard about young Katie's story this week, and being the super geeky girl that I am I wanted to share. Katie is a first grader who loves Star Wars. When her mom, fellow Chicago Now blogger Carrie Goldman found out she was being teased by boys at school for loving Star Wars, she blogged about it (read her blog entry here).

Since then, the blog has gone viral, and the entire Star Wars community showed their support for this little girl. I wanted to show my support as well. Here's my message to Katie!


Kids can be really mean sometimes, and it's not ok to tease anyone. Words may just be words, but they can really hurt someone's feelings. I've always liked things that are suppose to be "just for boys," and no one likes being made fun of.

Sometimes I still get teased by people for liking some of the things that I like and dressing up in costumes. But I don't let them stop me from having fun, and I hope Katie and other children (and adults) don't either!

I know that Katie and her mom have been checking all the comments and messages, so I also wanted to share some of my photos too! It's ok to be a girl who loves Star Wars Katie!



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  • Katie and I just watched your message and we loved it! And she really likes your shirt! Thanks for reaching out to us! XOXO Carrie

  • In reply to CarrieGoldman:

    It was a complete coincidence that I was wearing this shirt the day I found out about Katie's story. So I thought it appropriate to do a video message with it on :) I'm glad Katie got to see this!


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