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My geek-radar must be seriously malfunctioning, because I had no clue that there is an awesome live-action fantasy adventure game right in my own backyard!

MagiQuest is a gaming center that combines interactive LARPing (live action role playing) and video gaming. Guests get to create their own storyline in the game, and they use personalized magic wands to unlock the adventure. The players, known as "Magi" purchase customizable wands that they keep after the game is over. The magic wands have sensors that interact with the enchanted objects in the 19,000 square foot kingdom. The wands also store information about the players' character and records of their progress, so you can return at a later time and continue the game play.

MagiQuest is not a one-time only experience - the inherent nature of
any good video game is that it compels the players to want to make
progress. The 20 quests and four adventures at MagiQuest in Yorktown
Shopping Center cannot be completed in less than eight hours. Players
can also find 14 other MagiQuests in the United States, plus two in
Japan, and their wand will recognize them at each location.

First time players have to purchase a wand of their choice  (the prices vary on different styles of wand). Then you purchase game time starting as low as $7.95 for 30mins. Once the wand is registered players can stop in a play for a short game or spend all day at MagiQuest.

MagiQuest also has another Illinois location at Six Flags in Gurnee.

I've already informed my boyfriend that we must go to MagiQuest. Being the giant gamer geek that he is, I believe his response was, "Holy crap! This looks awesome!" So, in the not too distance future, I too will become a Magi! (and I get a wand!)


Look at all the fun we could be having! (

If anyone has been to MagiQuest, please tell me what you thought about it. I can't wait to go!

Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL
Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL
(Check the website for prices, and a list of more locations)


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