Sesame Street Song: "I Love My Hair"


I love my hair! 3 months since the Big Chop

Ok, originally I wasn't going to devote an entire blog entry to this video. I was just going to share the link on Facebook. But after I started writing a wordy comment to go along with this video, I decided a blog would be a better platform.

I've written a few blogs in the past about my decision to go from my chemically relaxed hair to my natural kinky curly afro. A lot of factors played into my decision to go natural, including cost, chemical burns on my scalp, and my hair being so fragile.

Right before the 4th of July, I chopped off all my relaxed hair, and I've been anxiously watching my hair grow every since.

Today, I saw a Sesame Street video about a little black muppet who loves her hair! It was posted on the Sesame Street YouTube channel, and everyone is talking about it. I honestly love the message of this video. I can't remember how old I was when I got my first "at home" relaxer, but I was young. I've been chemically straightening my hair ever since (except for the 2 years I chopped off my hair and got a texturizer...which is still a mild relaxer).


Embrace the hair God gave you (

I too often see commercials for hair products that show some woman with her hair flowing in the wind in slow motion. Black hair doesn't move like that. You can't really run your fingers through it either. AND you don't see women with afros or natural hair selling any sort of mainstream hair products in ads or commercials.

Black women are taught at an early age, that straight hair is beautiful. I know I used to feel like I wasn't pretty if my hair wasn't perfectly styled and straight! A lot of people don't even know how to manage their natural hair because they've been putting harsh chemicals in it for years.

Seeing this video of this young muppet praising her puffy afro is inspiring. Little girls shouldn't have to feel like their hair is ugly, or not "good hair." We should all love our hair. I showed this video to my mom this morning, and she jokingly asked if Sesame Street made that song for me. I feel like they did. I really am starting to love my hair too. I only wish I'd gone natural sooner, and that there were positive hair role models for me when I was growing up.

Thanks to the folks at Sesame Street for reminding me why I should embrace my natural curls!


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  • aw I like this post a lot! :) now, you need to change your banner picture to your natural hair

  • In reply to JMilk:

    Thanks Jenny! :) I actually don't have any good photos of my natural hair that haven't been taken with my camera phone. Plus I think I'll wait until my afro gets bigger...and more awesome!

  • In reply to JMilk:

    Nash Nova isn't this to cute and inspirational!! People are so creative...somebody edited the original video and synced it up to Willow Smith's (Will and Jada's daughter) song I whip my hair back and forth!! TO FUNNY ROTFLOL!!!~Enjoy!

  • In reply to CynthiaWashington:

    OMG! I didn't even know Will Smith daughter had a single! Isn't she like 9 years old?!

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