Last Days of Smallville: Episode 4 - Homecoming (VIDEO)

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Well we've made it to the 200th episode of Smallville and I'm completely geeking out over here. This has to be my absolute favorite episode of Smallville EVER!

There was a lot of hype surrounding this Homecoming episode, and I must did not disappoint. My only frustration is that I saw it at work, and I had to wait all the way until I got home at around 11pm Friday night before I could do my video review (and it was killing me).

But now I'm free to dish about my thoughts on this piece of Smallville perfection that still has me beaming with a warm glow of satisfaction.



If you haven't seen the 200th episode of Smallville yet, please do not read any further. There are massive spoilers here.


Braniac 5 and Clark in "Homecoming" Smallville The CW © 2010


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