Last Days of Smallville: Episode 3 - Supergirl (VIDEO)

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Sorry for the super late entry guys. I was busy and out of town this weekend. Doing a video blog every weekend is a bit more time consuming than I expected when you have plans and a social life on your days off.

I'll try to keep this review brief. I'd love to hear feedback from all of you Smallville fans out there.

Episode 3 centers around the return of Supergirl herself, Clark's cousin Kara.



If you haven't seen episode 3 of Smallville season 10 yet, please do not read any further. There are massive spoilers here.

I failed to mention the scene where Kara is trying to teach Clark how to fly. It was another frustrating scene for me, and I kind of had a feeling that he wasn't going to figure it out. I don't know why it's so easy for Kara, Zod, and all the Kandorians pick up flying so easily and Clark still can't do it.


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