Last Days of Smallville: Episode 2 - Shield (VIDEO)

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Friday's episode of Smallville was pretty awesome. I had some technical issues and had to record my video twice, but I think it turned out better the second time.

I actually checked the original video and it was 24 mins of me talking about this episode...YIKES! Lucky for all of you I was able to edit it down to a reasonable 14 min video (you're welcome).

I had to separate it into to videos, since YouTube only allows for 10 min videos. I'll try to keep it shorter next week...unless you all LOVE hearing me talk about the show!

Please enjoy, and comment!



If you haven't seen episode 2 of Smallville season 10 yet, please do not read any further. There are massive spoilers here.

Episode 2 - Shield


Clark in his red jacket from the episode "Shield" The CW © 2010


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  • I only liked scenes from this episode... as a whole I'm not liking it.

    My fave seen is at the end when Col. Flag(that's got to be who he is) and Plastique fetch Flowd Lawton aka Deadshot outta jail. I'm really happy they bring back the same actors for recurring roles, hence seeing Plastique. Deadshot is one of fave villians... hoping he gets lots of facetime with Suicide Squad.

    I was rooting for Deadshot to off Cat... not a likable character at all.

    The only other scenes I really liked were Carter Hall and Lois talking about Clark, and then his tales of Shyera. I hope we get several more Shyera appearances this season cuz she's FIONE! Shyera and Carter Hall is probably my favorite romantic storyline in all of DC Universe.

    In terms of Clark's new outfit... I wanted him in like this before, only the jacket all black instead of the Neo/Matrix look. I like this look(but with the black jacket) cuz it would be like a small homage to Connor Kent(Superboy.)

    I"m excited about Kara returning next week!

  • In reply to LJTabano:

    Hahaha @ wanting Deadshot to off Cat. She is pretty annoying.

    Smallville has done a good job with bringing back characters with the actors who originally played them (like with Perry White too). It ties everything together in the bigger story when they can bring back old characters.

    I just think this red jacket is to plan. If like you said, it was black with a red S, that would probably look pretty cool. It just needs a little color variety!

    Have you seen pictures of Kara for this week's episode yet? They're online.

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