Dating for Geeks

Dating in general is a complicated game, with rules and signals I've never been able to fully comprehend. For geeks and nerds (like myself), dating can be even more difficult. Geeks take their hobbies very seriously, and other people don't always get it.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I find it difficult to date "normal" people (in my case normal means non-cosplayers). I've tried dating sites, and I always made sure I posted at least two cosplay pictures on my dating profile and explained my hobby in my bio (along with the other "about me" stuff). I supposed I hoped to weed out any guys who thought my hobby was weird. Despite my efforts, I still got the guys who maybe thought I was hot, but thought my hobby was weird.


Nerd Love (

So even though the dating sites were a bust, the nerd of my dreams was actually standing right in front of me.

My advice is to find another like minded nerd that thinks your replica
Sword of Omens is awesome and that your craft foam armor looks bad-ass!
I met my boyfriend 4 years ago at Wizard World Chicago, and we're both
cosplayers. I honestly don't know how our relationship would work if he
wasn't into costuming and going to conventions. My hobby is such a big part of my social life and I'm glad he not only gets it, but is apart of it as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the whole "opposites attract"
theory. A couple doesn't always have to share the same hobbies, and geeks don't have to only date other geeks. However,
if your significant other can't understand why you want to run around
in spandex in a public setting, they could quickly become embarrassed
by you or your hobby. That embarrassment could potentially put a strain on that relationship.

So if your partner isn't into the same nerdy stuff you are, they at least need to respect that you love it. You shouldn't have to change who you are to fit in with the "normal" people.

If you're a geek looking for love, go to social events. Whether it's a
club, a convention, or a fan group, go out and meet other people while
doing something you enjoy. You'll already have a common interest, which is always a good conversation starter. Odds are, someone who's at these types of events will be a nerd or geek on some level.

I know it can be intimidating and awkward talking to members of the opposite sex, but I always feel more relaxed meeting new people at conventions. So don't be afraid to say hello to someone, and you may just meet your soul mate.


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