Road trip to "Nerdi Gras"


Well, today is the day! After work tonight, I'm going to take a much-needed nap, load up the car, and my boyfriend Mike and I will venture on our first big road trip together. So where does an awesomely geeky couple like us go for Labor Day weekend you might ask? To Atlanta for Dragon*Con!!!

Tens of thousands of geeks and nerds assemble for the biggest and most awesome gathering of multi-genre fandom. There's something at Dragon*Con for everyone...sci-fi, fantasy, comics, anime, steam punk, video games, movies, pretty much anything in pop culture that you're into, it's at Dragon*Con. People travel from all over the world to come to this event. Some fans call it "Nerdi Gras," because it's 4 days of fun times and partying with the coolest nerds around (and there's plenty of drinking and beads to go around).

This will be my second year attending (first year was 2008), and I can't wait to see all my friends who I've been Facebook stalking since my last Dragon*Con. This will be the first Dragon*Con for Mike, and it's also his birthday weekend (Happy Birthday Sweetheart!), so we'll have to make sure he has a most excellent adventure!


This is a vacation con for me. So no press badges and interviews, BUT I will be cosplaying, bringing back lots of awesome pictures as always, and hopefully a hilarious story or two. I'm on vacation until September 13th, so I might not update the blog for a bit. But fear not!...I'll be sending tweets throughout the con and my vacation (because sending a tweet is like sending a text and I'm allowed to be lazy on my vacation), so follow me @NashNovaCosplay.


Have an awesome holiday weekend!...I know I will.




Having my personal space invaded by Aliens at Dragon*Con 2008



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