R2-D2 Droid phone!?...YES!

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Droid R2-D2 (Motorola)

I'm having a serious case of phone envy right about now. It has been announced that Motorola will be releasing a limited edition R2-D2 themed Droid 2 this week. Thursday, the Verizon Wireless store in downtown Chicago (36 S. State Street) will be carrying about 100 of these phones in stock.

This awesome phone comes pre-loaded with Star Wars themed content, and will be packaged in a box that resembles carbonite (you know...that stuff used to freeze Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back)! Holy Smokes! I'm kicking myself for having AT&T right now. But this cool little device isn't enough to make me break my contract and switch carriers when I just renewed my contract a few months ago. I'm sure my tune will change as soon as I see someone with this awesome new phone.

Head over to Chicago Bearking Business for details on the State Street store that will have a limited number of these phones in stock Thursday and will be opening just after midnight (12:01am).

You can also find all the galactic details about the Droid R2-D2 at droiddoes.com/r2d2

This addtional information was given to me from my friend Brian Troyan of the 501st Midwest Garrison:

The 501st Legion will be out at the downtown Chicago Verizon store tomorrow
night to help with the release! The Loop radio station will be there
from 6 to 8pm, as well, giving away three of them, too! One general
raffle, and two to the people who bring their best Star Wars memorabilia.


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