Look Mom, I'm "Costumer of the Week!"

Today I got a Facebook notification from Lenny Java, also known as LJImagination. His website features cosplayers from all walks of life. And his Facebook page, LJImagination Presents Costumer of the Week! showcases a different cosplayers every week (I guess that part was pretty self-explanatory).

This is what he had to say about yours truly:

9/17/10- Alter Ego Maniac
Real Name: Nashanta
First Met in Person: Dragon*Con 2010
Some Favorite Costumes: Yellow Ranger, Speedy, Thundercat
Thoughts: A supercool lady that is full of geeky awesomeness. We share
a lot of the same fandoms, which of course makes Alter Ego Maniac rock
in my book!

Check out his page, and checkout all the amazing costumes!

Thanks Lenny! 

costumer of the week.jpg


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