Last Days of Smallville: Episode 1 - Lazarus (VIDEO)

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Well after the long wait through the summer months, the final season of Smallville has begun. Lazarus, the first episode of season 10, was full of interesting twists, and plenty of wtf moments.

I'm very excited that my favorite show is back on the air. There were things I loved about this episode, and some part that just rubbed me the wrong way. I did get a little teary at the end, which I failed to mention in the video. But the scene with Jonathan and Clark was just well done, and hands down one of the best scenes of the episode.I miss that family aspect of the show. Earlier this summer I spoke to John Schneider about his return to Smallville as Jonathan Kent.

Check out what I loved and hated about this first episode in my video review below.


If you haven't seen the episode 1 of Smallville season 10 yet, please do not read any further. There are massive spoilers here.

Episode 1 - Lazarus


Scene from Season 10 Premiere "Lazarus" The CW © 2010

What I loved:

  • Jonathan Kent and Clark on the farm
  • Lois (pretty much all her scenes)
  • Actually seeing the suit

What I hated:

  • Crazy old Lex clone
  • Jor-El testing Clark...AGAIN
  • Computer generated Darkseid...boooo!


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  • Great Points! Sooooo Agreed on Darkseid! I didn't like how they pulled off Doomsday before... and I'm already not liking Darkseid.

    Not knowing anything about rumors, I'm going to guess that the Ben Kanobi-esque appearance of Poppa Kent is a creation of Darkseid himself to mess with Clark. Since Darkseid is in fact a god, HE was the one who brought Clark back to life, because he wants to defeat Clark specifically to conquer Earth.

    In addition to being all-powerful Darkseid is also highly manipulative. He's totally messing with Clark's mind with the Jonathan Kent ghost.

    On the whole, after seeing the CG rendition of Darkseid I'm disappointed. Smallville hasn't had the best special effects, and Darkseid isn't imposing enuff. Honestly, a pre-Superman Clark w/ a junior Justice League would never hold off a god like Darkseid. So I'm going to have to suspend certain prejudices as the season progresses.

    I say with reserve that I think little Alexander could be the break out actor here. They've forshadowed that he has another side to him and I'm expecting the kid to put on a maniacal Rosenbaum-esque performance.

  • In reply to LJTabano:

    Oh you know that's a GOOD point about Darkseid. I didn't even think that....but he COULD be Jonathan! Jonathan seemed to know too much about everything that was going on to just be a ghost.

    I didn't talk about it in the video, but I do like Alexander too. More than the older Lex clone for sure. It makes me miss the days when Lex was Clark's ally and Lionel was the bad guy. I wonder if that kid will age quickly like some of the other clones he mentioned.

    I really miss having both the Luthers on the show. They were just such good villains!

  • In reply to Nash:

    Rosenbaum and John Glover are solid actors, especially voice actors... hence their frequent use in the DCAU.

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