Dragon*Con 2010 Recap and Photos


Myself as Speedy and my friend Fran as Donna Troy

She's ALIVE!!!...Well, it's been a while since I've bloggged. That's because I was on vacation. A week and a half of awesomeness. I'm still trying to adjust to the regular routines of my everyday life. Not only did I finally beat the Elite Four and the Champion in the Pokemon Heart Gold game during my vacation (that's the topic for another blog), I drove down to Atlanta for Dragon*Con!

It was such an awesome way to end the summer. My boyfriend celebrated his 25th birthday, and he even got to shake hands with Stan Lee (which was his one goal of the weekend). We participated in the Dragon*Con Parade, and nearly lost our voices screaming at everyone.

I got to see a lot of my friends, I made a bunch of new ones, and I
even got to meet someone who has been a fan of my cosplay for years (Fran, pictured to the right). Fran lives in England, and she's been admiring my costumes since I did the Yellow Ranger (2007). It was such an awesomely surreal moment meeting an actual "fan," and she's an awesome cosplayer herself. I felt a bit like a cosplay celebrity.

Check out my Dragon*Con pictures below.

Well boys and girls, that is the last big con of 2010 for your Alter Ego Maniac. But fear not, I'll have lots of nerdly blog topics to get you through the dry spell. In the meantime...Check out this awesome Dragon*Con recap video from Beat Down Boogie! Goodbye Dragon*Con...see you again next year.


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  • #5: Gotta hand it to the brotha in the Hancock "costume". I was confused, and then impressed! :-)

    #17: X-Men or Jurassic Park, y'all find a way to fit in! :-D

    #69: outfit is cool, although it's too bad "Static" didn't find a way to simulate his means of levatation.

    #76: yyeeahhh..."Damnnnn!" came to mind! :-)

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