Disturbing Live Action Fan-made Pokemon Video


I love Pokémon probably more than a grown woman should. And although I think it would be wonderful and magical to have these creatures come to life, I fail to realize just how crazy this game really is.

You catch these creatures after you've physically weakened them, and then you take them from their natural habitat by magically shrinking them down into a ball that could fit in your pocket. Then you take these monsters, train them, and make them fight each other so you can get a badge. That sounds pretty brutal when you think about it. But somehow the game isn't all that disturbing when you're actually playing it.


Team Rocket: Jessie and James from the fan-film trailer

This fan-made trailer "Pokémon Apokelypse," is a bloody, gritty, and very very disturbing look into the world of Pokémon. Pokémon could die!? Illegal gambling is going on at these Pokémon battles!? Team Rocket has GUNS!? Ash is some washed up old has been who's still trying to be the greatest trainer. Misty kind of looks like someone who's been around the block a few times! (if you know what I mean)

This is not the fun little Nintendo game I play every night. I'm not going to lie...this is a very well produced fan-film short. The CGI and editing is well done for a fan made video. Overall the video is pretty badass, I just like my Pokemon when they are happy cartoon animals that faint and can be restored to full health by Nurse Joy in about 5 seconds at any Pokemon Center for free (and they don't bleed).

To find out more about this fan-film, and to read an interview with the creators, head over to Shogun Gamer.


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