Sleepless nights of a gamer-girl



I guess I can call myself a "gamer" now. But not the XBox Live, PS3 type. Nooo...I'm totally a Nintendo DS girl. Games with wifi, and touch screens, that I can fit in my purse and play anywhere are full of win! After my boyfriend and I did our 80s Team Rocket costumes at Chicago Comic Con, I really got back into playing Pokémon Heart Gold.


Sunday night I played for hours (I stopped counting after 3 hrs.) getting my 8th badge from the Dragon Gym, and finally catching legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. Let me just say, catching Ho-Oh was no easy task. After the second hour and several Ultra Balls later, I started to get desperate. I went to google and message boards looking for trainer tips.

Somewhere around 2am last night, I finally captured the ugly thing. He was paralyzed, and had just 1 or 2 hit points left. Being so late at night, I couldn't shout or celebrate, but I did reward myself with a cup of banana pudding and I tweeted this awesome picture.



Captured Ho-Oh.jpg

Rarely do I feel the need to take pictures of video games I play. It was a special moment.


Of course, all I dreamt about last night was playing Poké it was like I never really slept.


I'm well on my journey to unlocking the Kanto region (I just have to beat the Elite Four, and Lance). I doubt I'll be staying up too late tonight. I'm super tired. But I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. Some of you might think I'm a total dork, but I feel like a Pokémon Master!


I couldn't help but send my boyfriend a late night email about my victory. We've been playing Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver together since I bought him a DS Lite for our anniversary. He's super proud of me and he called me a "gamer-girl." He's a huge gamer-geek, so it's a dream come true for him to have a super awesome, cosplying, gamer, girlfriend.




My boyfriend and I at Chicago Comic Con 2010. We're geeks and we're cooler than you!



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  • Haha, that's pretty awesome! I would be proud to. You should get a trophy or something for that one!

    I know a couple of people who have the Pokemon game, and they haven't caught Ho-Oh yet. And I'd only played the game collectively for 87 hrs. so far. So I'm pretty proud I got so far.

    I've never been so into a video game before (except for Lego Star Wars...which I would stay up all night playing).

  • The new Pokemon games are even MORE addicting. The first one I played was Pokemon Blue on gameboy color.

    The ones for the Nintendo DS have an interactive pedometer (Pokewalker) that you carry with you to find items and catch other pokemon outside the game. I can battle and trade pokemon with friends anywhere in the world with the wifi feature. I absolutely LOVE it!

  • I think it's part of the reason why I love pokemon so much. There were long periods of time where I just stopped playing because I was busy. But you can easily pick it up from your last save and get back into it. You can take your time and travel through the game at your own pass.

    (OMG, I sound obsessed! lol)

  • We should get married
    J/K but when was Chicago Comic Con?

  • In reply to drjekelmrhyde:

    Sorry, I'm taken lol.
    Chicago Comic Con was a little over 2 weeks ago August 20th. Check out the recap and photo gallery:

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