My first big celebrity interview

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a great outlet for me to just write about conventions I attend, cosplaying, celebrities I run into at events,  and all my nerd obsessions. I never expected to get such a huge positive response. I'm getting noticed in the nerd community, and it's kind of awesome.

I've been contacted personally by people who read my blog, and they all thanked me or sent me great ideas for topics (Including the folks at JibJab, Durance Magazine, Cyphan, and Chicago Comic Con). Being able to play the role of "reporter" at conventions is something I never thought I would get into. Now, it's another one of my alter egos that I fully embrace.

John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, and Tom Welling as Clark Kent

John Schneider and Tom Welling
Smallville © The WB/Sergei Bachlakov

This week I get to wear that reporter hat yet again with my first big celebrity interview. I'll have the pleasure of talking with the very talented (and handsome) John Schneider from Smallville. To my dad, he's Bo Duke, but to me, he'll always be Jonathan Kent.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't score an interview with any big names at C2E2 back in April (just too low on the totem pole I guess). This time around everything is arranged, and I'll have a chance to speak with John Schneider before his appearance at Chicago Comic Con in a few weeks. This interview will be focused around his return to Smallville for the 10th and final season.

The fangirl in me is squealing with glee at the thought of talking with Jonathan Kent on the phone this Thursday. I'll try not to embarrass myself too much. I usually am very good at keeping my starstruck reactions internalized until the initial celebrity encounter is over.

Fans have been tweeting me their questions already. So if you have any questions for Mr. Schneider, please comment here, tweet them to me @NashNovaCosplay or write on my wall at the Alter Ego Maniac Facebook page. I'll try to incorporate some of your questions into the interview as best I can.

Meet John Schneider at Chicago Comic Con, held August 19-22, 2010


John Schneider will ONLY be appearing Saturday and Sunday of the event.


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  • SUH-WEET! Looking forward to reading the interview. Ask him if he has any regrets over the whole licensing issue with the Dukes of Hazzard and if he feels that things have gotten better for actors and their share of merchandising profits.

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    Talked to John this morning. Nicest guy ever. I want to give him a big ole hug at Chicago Comic Con when I see him. The interview centered around his return to Smallville, and his work on the show. So I didn't ask any Dukes questions :

    I'm hoping to have the whole thing transcribed and posted by Monday if not sooner.

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