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Some people may know Adrianne Curry as the first winner of America's Next Top Model, or all around reality show pro. When I had the opportunity to speak to her, I only wanted to talk about the nerd stuff. Adrianne is a long time Star Wars fan, a World of Warcraft gamer, and a cosplayer.

For the past couple of years, Adrianne has been attending conventions and rocking out some very sexy costumes. She is definitely one of the hottest fangirls I've ever seen. I caught up with Adrianne just after she got back from Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando.

NaShantá: I have to say, I've been following you on Twitter, and I read about the Star Wars Celebration incident. I feel so bad that people online are being asses to you about it, I'm really sorry.

Adrianne Curry: People are assholes sometimes. We were leaving a Jabba party at my hotel. Only Sith were allowed, and Slave Leias get in for free. It was like a 4 or 5 star hotel, I wasn't uncomfortable at all in my Leia costume. I was with a couple other people in costumes and some other Slave Leias. I was walking my friends out of the hotel, and we were standing outside. This guy just reached under my skirt and grabbed me. The guy was not apart of the convention. He was clearly an illegal immigrate that spoke no English. We got an interpreter to come and try to reason with him. The guy was drunk and started beating up the interpreter.

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(Courtesy Spalsh)

All my Star Wars friends listened to me. I said, "Nobody punch him, nobody beat him up. Just push him away when he gets over here." It was kind of funny because all the Sith turned out to be true Jedi by the end of the night. It was the longest night of my life. I just wanted to go to bed already, and it just took hours for the cops to get there.

Nash: I hope it hasn't deterred you from cosplaying at conventions.

Adrianne: Absolutely not! I've had something similar happen to me before, when I was on America's Next Top Model. Some weirdo just walked up to me and tried to shove his hand up my skirt. I don't understand where these people come from, but I do know that this guy [from the Star Wars convention] had nothing to do with Star Wars.

Nash: Well, let's talk about happier things.

Adrianne: Yeah! Let's do it!

Nash: How long have you been going to conventions? Where you a con-goer before the reality show stuff?

Adrianne: No, I was kind of younger then with no money. I heard of them, but I didn't have any money. I'll be honest with everybody, I absolutely love Star Wars. Now if you want to sit there and quiz me on episodes 1-3...yeah I've watched them. Are they my favorites? Nah. This guy at [Star Wars] Celebration tried to get me to reenact a bar scene from one of the newer episodes, and I couldn't remember it. So he asked, "Do you even watch the movies?" I said, "Wow, do you even appreciate the good ones?" (laughs) Nothing against Lucas.

I've always been a fan of 80s fantasy movies, like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. It's just been my thing. I had glasses that went halfway down my cheekbone. I was a nerd. And I think even more so than a Star Wars fan, I'm a Tolkien fan until the day I die.

Nash: Oh I love it! Any plans of doing some Lord of the Rings cosplay? Maybe an elf..?

Adrianne: It's funny. I'm torn. If I do something Lord of the Rings, I want it to be interchangeable. As we both know cosplay is expensive. If I do a Lord of the Rings costume, who am I going to do? The only prominent female really is Éowyn, and she's blonde. But I'd want it to be interchangeable so I could wear it to BlizzCon and turn it into a World of Warcraft costume.

Nash: Do you get all your costumes commissioned? Have you started trying to make costumes on your own?

Adrianne: Not everything is commissioned. I wish I were an amazing seamstress. I did add my own zipper to my Imperial Officer costume. It only had one zipper going down the back that came all the way down and to the front of the crotch. So if I wanted to go to the bathroom, I had to take the corset, belt, and everything off just to pee. So I installed a zipper in the front, so it's like a double zipper now. (laughs)

I've done all my wigs myself too. Like my Leeloo wig. That took me two weeks.


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(Courtesy Adrianne Curry)


Nash: Your Leeloo is very good. Both of them. I saw pictures of you and I thought "Oh my god! She looks awesome!"

Adrianne: Thank you. I had to make a few alterations to the white suit. Just a few things were off, and I can fix that. The wig I did myself though. I used acrylic paint, flammable lighter fluid, and rubbing alcohol. I'd spray the wig, comb it through, blow dry it, and I did that like 16 times. My garage floor is orange.

Nash: That sounds dangerous.

Adrianne: (laughs) The things that I'm confident in, I'll work on. I'm lucky that I've met so many cosplayers that give me tips and advice. I'm starting to be able to piece together stuff on my own.

Nash: What are you working on?

Adrianne: I've been working on my Imperial Crew Member costume for a while. I have the belt, and the hat. I have to get the flight suit and boots altered so I can get 501st approved. Then I could start trooping with my friends at children's hospitals. After that I want to work on a Tie Pilot. All I'd really need for that is the chest piece and helmet.


(Courtesy Adrianne Curry)

 Nash: I've been wanting to do Star Wars for so long, and I keep putting it off.

Adrianne: If you do it, do Imperial Crew.

Nash: Yeah, that would be easy, but I wanted to be on the Rebel side.

Adrianne: Then you'd have to join the Rebel Legion, not the 501st...boooooo!

Nash: Don't booo me, I like the light side. But I do have a lot of friends in the 501st, and it would be pretty cool to join the dark side too.

Have you met anyone at conventions that you were a huge fan of? Have any fangirl moments?

Adrianne: Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett. That was pretty cool. I've met a lot of people, but I found myself kind of stuttering with him. Morgan Freeman stepped on me once, said he was sorry, and struck up a conversation...and I was fine. And here we have a guy who had like three lines in Star Wars, and I'm freaking out. I love Boba Fett. (laughs)

I really wanted to try to meet Carrie Fisher too, at Celebration. I'm not an asshole, so when people ask to take pictures with me, I'll do it. When I got to the line to meet Carrie Fisher, I just got mobbed. I was there for maybe 45 mins of taking pictures. Then I realized, I am never going to get in line. I'm never going to meet Carrie Fisher.

Nash: You should get some costume with a mask or a helmet.

Adrianne: That's why I have to finish my Tie Pilot.

Nash: What are you wearing for Chicago Comic Con?

Adrianne: I'm doing my Imperial Crew again, which I'll also be wearing on the WGN Morning News. That should be lots of fun. I'm doing Slave Leia on Saturday. And I'm doing my suspender Leeloo on Sunday.

Nash: I'm excited to see the Leeloo, that one is just awesome.

Adrianne: Thanks. It is NOT comfortable girl! It chafes my vagina like nobody's business. Milla Jovovich was at San Diego Comic Con, and I wore it. Everyone thought I was her. I kept telling them, "Do you really think she'd be walking around a convention dressed as one of the characters she played in a movie?"

Nash: Maybe? (laughs) You do favor her quite a bit. You should do more of her characters.

Adrianne: Someone sent her a picture of me in the bandage Leeloo costume, and she tweeted me herself. She told me I looked absolutely badass. And to myself I'm thinking, "Yeesss!"

Nash: What does your husband think about the cosplaying?

Adrianne: He always knew I loved costuming. I do it in the bedroom, and Halloween has always been out of control for me. To me cosplay is a way to hold on to your youth. It's a way to feel that freedom that you used to feel when you were a child. Getting to be characters that you love and adore. Just to keep yourself youthful, and to have a good time. My husband is a nerd too. He used to design video games and stuff, but he won't play them. He laughs because I'm his consumer, and he's the maker.

Nash: So you're not going to try to rope him into cosplaying? Couples cosplay is fun.


(Courtesy Adrianne Curry)

 Adrianne: I know it is. But he won't. I've tried and tried. On Halloween though, I did Silk Spectre from Watchmen, and I got Chris to be the Comedian. We went to a Playboy party, and he was reluctant to wear it. But after a while, he was feeling it, and just chewing on his cigar. He was the Comedian!

Nash: Maybe he'll slowly get into it.

Adrianne: Even if he doesn't get into it, the fact that he's supporting me is great. He's happy for me, he isn't stopping me. Yeah sure, he may roll his eyes when he finds out how much stuff costs, but he's letting me do my thing. I'm grateful for it, so I'm not going to push it.

Nash: I can't wait to meet you in person. I saw you last year at Chicago Comic Con, and I never went up to your table to say hello.

Adrianne: I was really blessed last year at Chicago Comic Con. I got to meet everyone from the Midwest Garrison of the 501st. I was so jealous of everyone's costumes. I just wanted them to tell me everything about their costumes. I became really good friends with TK118.

Nash: Tom? I know him. I love his C3PO.

Adrianne: Yeah. Oh my god! I adore Tom. He's such a good guy. He's really walked me through everything. Just how to get all my stuff together and everything. Through him I've met so many new friends. Some of which I was with in Orlando for Celebration. A couple of them are my guild-mates now too. (laughs) Through my cosplay, I'm meeting some badass WoW players.

Nash: People who go to conventions are some of the nicest, friendliest, approachable people. It's such a different world than what we live in.

Adrianne: You know what is? They're all the quiet nerds and stuff that you went to school with. I know I was a nerd in high school, I got picked on. I was called "queen of the nerds." I wasn't popular, but I had a bunch of nerdy friends. It was like the island of misfit toys.

So what are you wearing at the con this weekend? That's the question.

Nash: Friday I'll be in my Storm costume from the X-Men movies. So it's the leathery suit.

Adrianne: I think I've seen your Storm before.

Nash: You probably have. I've worn it to Wizard World before. Saturday I'm doing a new Pokémon costume. My boyfriend and I are doing Team Rocket costumes. They're the villians in Pokémon. But everyone does that, so we're doing 80s punk versions of those characters. It's different, but it'll be a lot of fun.

Adrianne: That seems creative and inventive. There's nothing I love more than people who put a spin on a character.

Nash: Yeah it'll be awesome. I'll see you this weekend for sure. I'll come by your table and say hi.

Adrianne: Definitely. Come say hi to me and my husband.

Fans can meet Adrianne Curry at Chicago Comic Con August 20 - 22, 2010 in Rosemont, IL.


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  • Great interview! I actually spied Adrianne as she snuck out of the convention on Saturday! She was walking by with a hoodie on and her Slave Leia underneath. I recognized her right away (come on, I love ANTM and she's gorgeous!), but I could tell she wanted her privacy. I love that she's a cosplayer and totally respect her need for some alone time! I also loved that she might have been able to sneak out unnoticed! :)

    But it was really cool to spot her!

  • In reply to BookSavvy:

    She was being super cool with everyone. I saw her interacting with fans throughout the weekend. She's just a nice girl...who happens to be a ridiculously hot nerd lol.

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