Chicago Comic Con 2010 Recap & Gallery



I have over 70 Facebook notifications to go through, my calves are sore, I feel like crap, and costumes and wigs are scattered all over my room. This could only mean one thing...a successful con weekend!

Chicago Comic Con 2010 has come and gone, and it was one of the highlights of my summer. I met a lot of awesome people, hung out with my friends, and met some of my Twitter followers and blog readers.

Tweeting throughout the convention was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But, I think I sent a lot of great pictures and sent updates as much as possibly during the con.

This was the first collaboration with my friend Rich Johannsen of Lesson 5 Photography. Rich took a lot of amazing photos of the convention. Check out this massive photo gallery.


  • Meeting Adrianne Curry, Mark Ryan, and John Schneider in person after interviewing them all earlier on the phone.
  • Hugging John Schneider and having him tell me to "keep blogging."
  • Getting professional photos of my costumes at The Entusiasts.
  • Getting Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan to take a picture with my car, the Bumblebee Bug.
  • Reading notes left on my car from Bumblebee admirers.
  • Appearing on Chicago Now Radio to talk about my blog and the con, while my friends and family listened on WGN Radio.
  • Being interviewed by Marcus Leshock for the WGN 5pm News.
  • Getting a prize in the costume contest for our 80s Team Rocket.
  • Meeting people that know me from this blog or follow me on Twitter.
  • Talking with all the amazing artist in Artist Alley, and having Mark Ryan personally introduce me to artist Mike Grell.
  • Meeting Star Wars voice actress Ashely Eckstein and buying one of her super cute shirts from the Her Universe line.
  • Trying to photobomb as many pictures as possible with my friends.
  • Dancing it out at the Mafia II party (the official after party for the con).
  • Losing 4lbs over the past 3 days.


  • Having Rod Blagojevich show up and charge ridiculous prices for photos and autographs.
  • Having Rod Blagojevich shake my hand and tell me my costume was "gorgeous."
  • Trying to maneuver through the crowds of people on Saturday.
  • Going to the costume contest that was held in a small ballroom at the Hyatt (instead of the normal afternoon contest held at the convention center).
  • The costume contest was poorly organized, and it ran longer than everyone expected.
  • The massive booths that Marvel and DC Comics used to have were no where to be found. It just didn't feel like Wizard World without them.

Overall, I had a freaking amazing time. When it comes down to it, a convention is as great as the company you keep. This was my 5th year attending, and each year is more for than the last.

Check out my friends and I in the WGN story from my colleague and fellow Chicago Now blogger Marcus Leshock.


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