Bumblebee Adventures: Chicago Comic Con


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Nash and Mark Ryan with the Bumblebee Bug

When I told Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan (Bumblebee and Jetfire) about my car, the Bumblebee Bug, he offered to take some pictures with it at Chicago Comic Con. I was so excited! When I told Bumblebee, he was so excited and he demanded to get a car wash. One has to look their best when meeting celebrities. This would be the first time anyone associated with the Transformers universe would meet the Bumblebee Bug.

Bumblebee usually gets a lot of attention on the highway, but it's at conventions where he is most appreciated. At Chicago Comic Con 2010, not only did he meet Mark Ryan, he had his own little adventures while I was running around in costume.

Check out Bumblebee's photo diary below.


Before Mark Ryan took photos with my car, I had a run in with the Rosemont Police. You're not allowed to leave your car in front of the convention center. I told the officer that an actor wanted to take pictures with the car. He gave me 5mins to get into the con and back to my car, or he'd give me a ticket.

Lucky for me, I'm quite the little sprinter. We didn't get a ticket. Mark Ryan was a very good sport about quickly getting to my car in his suit. Besides, it makes a great story!

Overall Bumblebee had a great weekend. Conventions are much more fun for him than sitting in my driveway or driving to the grocery store.

I would love to find out who Bumblebee was communicating with at the convention. I think it's pretty neat that he's making friends (and enemies) with other cars.

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