Tyrese tweets from the Transformers 3 set

Tyrese tweets from the Transformers 3 set

I'm slowly becoming a fan of Twitter. I'm still figuring out
the trending topics, and the Follow Fridays, and all that jazz. Celebrities, on
the other hand, are pretty well versed when it comes to tweeting. One of the stars of
Transformers 3 has been tweeting up a storm with some exclusive behind the
scenes photos from the set.

Tyrese Gibson has been keeping the fans posted on the goings
on during filming. Fans can see pictures of Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf via Tryese's Twitter as well. Apparently even R. Kelly visited the set of
Transformers yesterday.

If you want to see beyond the barricades of the Transformers set, follow Tyrese on Twitter @Tyrese4ReaL Check out some of the pics he posted below:

I was never a huge Twitter fan, but I'm slowly converting. It's pretty cool that celebs can keep their fans informed, and give us all a glimpse at their oh so awesome lives.

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  • Yeah, Twitter is really cool in the way that you can glimpse into the lives of your fav celebs. Wait until one of 'em tweets you back or retweets (forwards) your msg. That's what got me hooked! (Thanks @hollyrpeete, and @reagangomez)

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    One of my friends told me that Phi Llamarr retweeted one of my posts, that made my day. And he actually replied to my reaction too, which was super cool.

    Here's his tweet:

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