Run-in with a Decepticon on I-94

Run-in with a Decepticon on I-94

Last night, I believe I was driving alongside a Decepticon from the Transformers 3 movie. It was dark, but I distinctly saw the words "Safeguard" and Decepticon symbols. I'm a new fan to Transformers myself, so I'm not as well versed in all the back stories and names of the robots.

So after some extensive research (10 mins on google and wikipedia) I found out that there IS a Safeguard Transformer, but it's associated with the Autobots. Safeguard is also usually some sort of flying robot, but I saw a truck. So what did I see exactly? Check out my recap of the encounter in this video:

It's a shame all these pictures are super blurry, but I was busy watching the road and trying to drive safely, plus the lighting was terrible on the Dan Ryan. What would be awesome is if someone saw me trying to get a picture, and took my picture. I drive the Bumblebee Bug, which is my tribute to the coolest Autobot ever! So if someone got my picture, there would be an Autobot and Decepticon in one photo driving together down the highway (a girl can dream right?).

Another time when I was driving down the Dan Ryan at night, someone blew their horn at me. I looked over and he let down his window, pointed at my car, and held up his phone. He wanted to get a picture of my car. So I slowed down so he could take it. I wonder if that truck driver would have done that if I'd tried the same move?...oh well. 

I did find this clip of Safeguard from the Transformers animated series. Apparently Optimus and Rachet think Safegaurd (which is a combination of Jetstorm and Jetfire) is a Decepticon. So maybe I did see what I saw last night, and Safeguard could be one of those robots that switches sides in the new movie.

I'll have to wait and see. Still one of the coolest moments driving home from work.

Did anyone out there wandering the set see this questionable Decepticon too? I'd love to see a daytime picture of this thing. Contact me and send me pictures. I'd like to hope I'm not crazy:

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