Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)

Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)

I'm all about the Pokemon! It's not just a kid's game anymore. I think it's safe to classify this as an obsession. My Pokewalker is always clipped to my belt every single day. I'll stay up late training Pokemon just so I can beat the next gym leader. I keep my Nintendo DS in my purse, so if I get to work before my shift, I can catch Pokemon that only appear in the daytime (I work the late shift, so it's night time when I play the game at home on weekdays). I'm starting to believe I'm a real Pokemon trainer.

My boyfriend and I send text messages back and forth about the rare Pokemon we catch. He's much better at gaming than I am, so I try to catch Pokemon that he doesn't have yet (so I can rub it in his face). I recently found out that Pokemon can carry emails in the game, and when you trade that Pokemon to someone they receive that message. So I'm even using Pokemon to send little love notes to my boyfriend (so cute and nerdy, I know).

My boyfriend sent me this hilarious College Humor parody of Pokemon. Even though it's a joke, I seriously have been itching to buy more Pokemon stuff after playing the HeartGold game. Is there some Pokemon Anonymous meeting I can go to?

Is anyone else completely into Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver? Have you beat the Elite Four!? Tell me about it:

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