I chopped off all my hair!

I chopped off all my hair!


It has been one hell of an emotional journey. Some people don't understand how hard it is for a black woman to decide to embrace her natural hair (when said woman has been chemically straightening her hair her entire life). Every hair commercial I see has women with flowing bouncing hair that moves. My hair does not move. I never see hair commercials with ethnic women and their natural hair. So it's been hard to mentally prepare myself to embrace my naturally nappy hair, when straighter hair gets all the praise.


Pantene ad for Relaxed and Natural products

This weekend I did the big chop, and had all my chemically straightened hair cut off. It was liberating. The other women at the salon were like my own personal cheerleaders, telling me to "go for it girl" and "you're going to look great, cut it all off!" We all started talking about my hair, and why I decided to go natural, and it was very encouraging.

I've been all natural for 3 days now, and I'm excited to find hair products that are good for me. Finding good products for hair like mine isn't easy. I've been doing a lot of internet research and just asking around. A friend recommended Kinky-Curly hair products, organic hair care products sold at Whole Foods. I'd actually never stepped foot into a Whole Foods until yesterday. With much encouragement from my boyfriend, I bought the stuff.


Kinky-Curly Products

I also ordered a sample kit of products from Curls, a line of hair care products created for natural ethnic hair. I love their website, because you can search hair products by the type of hair you have. So I can purchase products that will cater to the kind of hair I have.

I feel like I've become somewhat of a product tester. My hair is short now, but once it grows out, I'll really get into all these products. For now, I'm just happy to have a style alternative to using heat and chemicals.

I'll probably be wearing a lot more wigs with my costumes now, since none of my alter egos have afros. Who knows, this new hair could encourage new costumes!


These products from Curls can be purchased in sample size kit. The perfect size for testing new products.

Have you gone through the transition from relaxed to natural hair? I'd love to here about it. Find me on the web:

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