Live Action Blue Beetle Series? (PICS)

Live Action Blue Beetle Series? (PICS)

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Comic book writer Geoff Johns mentioned something on his Twitter page about a live action Blue Beetle screen test, and fans started buzzing. Today on the DC Universe blog, The Source, Johns revealed pictures of the screen test for this new series. He had this to say about the photos:

I have an early special effects test that has been floating around of
what his armored scarab-suit could look like. This isn't final. This
isn't greenlit. It's only a test that was done. We still have a long
way to go to see if we can get this off the ground and a lot of people
to jump on board.


I can't say I know much about the character, but the pictures are pretty cool, for a screen test. I'd hope the real suit would look better once the final effects are added. I just can't imagine a full CGI hero making it on television unless his suit is as convincing as Iron Man's suit (which sounds expensive).

What DC should be doing is a Smallville spin-off with the Justice League characters they have established. We all know season 10 will be the last for Smallville, and that will open the doors for another good comic book TV series to take its place.

So whatever they happens, I would like to see another live action comic book series have a good run on TV. (Not any crap like that Birds of Prey fiasco)


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