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Today the Superhero Costuming Forum is celebrating their one year anniversary. So if you're interested in Superhero costuming, and you want tips and advice, check it out. Here are pictures of some of the amazing costumes their members have put together.

Check out this tribute video created for the Superhero Costuming Forum's anniversary

Here are links to stay connected with Superhero costuming:
Superhero Costuming Forum
Facebook Group


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  • Holy crap! That's a lotta awesome cosplayers! I'm surprised how huge those group shots are...

  • In reply to Crossosphinx:

    That's from Dragon*Con!!! We'll have to get in on the Marvel/DC shoots this year.

  • In reply to Crossosphinx: the heck did they do that Shadowcat effect?!? :-D

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    Photoshop of course ;)

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