Meeting Iconic Comic Illustrator Alex Ross


Alex Ross painting of Tom Welling and Christopher Reeve

Working at a TV station can be pretty awesome. There are always guests who come in and out of WGN for interviews. I work upstairs from the studio, so I never get to see anyone famous. When one of my co-workers mentioned some comic artist was downstairs, I was curious to find out who it could be. After searching through the scripts looking for a name, there it was...Alex Ross! I've been a huge fan of Alex's work for years. I even pondered attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago, because he attended that school. His signature realistic style of painted illustrations of comic book heroes and villains has become iconic.

Alex Ross was the Keystone Guest of Honor at C2E2 this year. I didn't get a chance to meet him at the con, so I was super excited to find out he was in the building. I was very much on the fence about going downstairs to the studio to meet him today. I didn't even have a camera (thanks to Web Producer Dietrich Zeigler for providing a camera). After talking with a couple of my co-workers, who were very encouraging and convincing, the three of us went downstairs to watch me make a fool of myself.

Alex Ross and NaShanta.jpg

Me and Alex Ross outside WGN's Green Room (Photo Courtesy: Dietrich Zeigler)

One of the crew members was escorting Alex Ross to the Green Room, and I was walking right behind him. I didn't know what to say. He was talking, and I didn't want to be rude, but sooner or later they noticed me standing behind them. I timidly asked if it was ok to get a photo with him. He didn't mind at all. What came out of my mouth next was a total blur, I hope I didn't sound too fangirly. Of course, I told him how much I admired his work. I also mention my blog to him, and told him about how I missed him at C2E2. Alex Ross is honestly a nice guy, and he seemed pretty gracious to meet a fan (a lot of co-workers I talked to didn't even know who he was).

After getting my picture taken with him, I made a comment about his choice of primary colors today. He said he didn't want to wear a huge Superman symbol on his chest or anything, and that he was trying to be subtle. I told him I noticed the Superman colors right away, and it was very "Smallville" of him. I thanked him again, shook his hand, and told him my name. Maybe he'll check out my blog sometime (I gave him one of my cards). I'm glad I didn't chicken out, and it was definitely the highlight of my work week!

Check out the WGN interview with Alex Ross

Alex Ross will be appearing and signing at Borders in downtown Chicago tonight at 7pm, for his new book Rough Justice. Be sure to check out Alex's official website:

830 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611


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  • Man I'm jealous. I wasn't at work yet, for I too would have been part of the posse to meet Mr. Ross.

  • In reply to LJTabano:

    I wish you'd been here LJ! I knew you would be one to appreciate his awesomeness :)

    Sidenote: Smallville guests are coming to Chicago Comic Con this year, you should be there!

  • In reply to Nash:

    Thanks for heads uppp

  • In reply to Nash:

    Not to be picky, but "Mar-vel comics"?!? Is that a relative of the El's of Krypton?!? :-D

  • In reply to Nash:

    Alex Ross did "Kingdom Come"!?!?! I rarely recognize comic artists work, but I've read the hardcover version of "Kingdom Come". Dude is bad-@$$!!!

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    hECKS YEAH! I love that book!

  • In reply to Nash:

    Alex Ross linked my blog on his website! Check out the "Ross Report" link below!

  • In reply to Nash:


  • In reply to Crossosphinx:

    I know! :) Very cool

  • In reply to Nash:

    I'm THE biggest fan of Alex Ross! I tried to work like him :D
    And I'm good. Still, much more worst than him :)
    Check my work-

  • In reply to designer356:

    Wow, you've got some really great work too. I'm not at all a painter, and I think watercolor is a tricky medium. So I admire anyone who can get great detailed work in watercolor!
    I love the Red Sonja portrait.

  • In reply to Nash:

    Thank! :)
    If he ever visit this page and read comments, I hope that he gonna check my work. :D

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