Ironettes: Iron Man's Cheerleaders

This weekend Iron Man 2 opened, grossing $133.6 million. Although the awesome action sequences and special effects kicked some serious butt, I'm sure every guy in America would like to see more of the Ironettes (the Stark Expo dancers). is featuring an interview with one of the Ironettes, Renee Herlocker. Herlocker talks about her experience on set, and had this to say about Robert Downey Jr.:

"I enjoyed watching
him go through his lines and get into character. He was very kind to
all of us and I noticed his particular sarcastic sense of humor which
was an unexpected joy.

- Renee Herlocker

Check out the full interview with Ironette Renee Herlocker at

Below is the Iron Man 2 world premiere featuring a performance by the sexy Ironettes, courtesy of!

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