Geeky Baby Names

Geeky Baby Names


I was talking to my mom the other day about her future grandchildren. I told her, "My kids are going to have cool nerdy names." She was not pleased to hear this at all, and she demanded they have "normal" names like Ashley or Brittany.....ummm, sorry mom, no thanks! Maybe she feared I would name my kid Anakin or Frodo or something crazy like that. I wouldn't ruin my kid's life with a weird name that they'll resent me for. Those crazy names are strictly reserved for pets. When it comes to children's names, I thought of which sci-fi, comic, or video game characters had names that were a little less eccentric. So here's what I came up with.
So when I have little mini-mes, expect one of those geeky names. Do you have cool geeky names that didn't make it on my list? Or are you going to give your kid a cool/interesting name? I'd love to hear about. Feel free to comment here or on Facebook and Twitter.

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