Propworx: Bringing Hollywood costumes and props to fans


Propworx is the premier auction house for Hollywood studios. They create auction events that give hardcore fans an opportunity to own actual screen used pieces from their favorite show or film. Propworx came out to Chicago during C2E2 for the first Iron Man auction. This was a live auction conducted both in person at the convention and live online, for those who couldn't make it out to C2E2. The hot item that weekend was the Iron Monger armor, which sold for an incredible $19,000 to an anonymous bidder.

Check out the Iron Man Auction Wrap Up to see what other hot items sold for at C2E2:

Personally, I think part of the appeal to Propworx is the fact that
these people are fans. CEO Alec Peters is a huge Star Trek fan and prop
collector. Peters managed to turn his passion for sci-fi props into a
career. From talking and interacting with the crew from Propworx, I
really got the vibe that they all love what their doing, and their fans
just like me.

Even though it's well after C2E2 (had a few technical issues with the
audio), I was able to talk to the Director of Marketing for Propworx,
Shelly Oliver Littleton. We not only talked about the C2E2 auction, we
talked about what Propworx does, and the upcoming Star Trek auction
they will be conducting. Check out the interview below!

C2E2 Interview with Propworx Director of Marketing, Shelley Oliver Littleton (6:18)

Listen to my interview with Shelly Oliver Littleton to find out what's so special about this newspaper!

The Iron Man live auction is over, but there are still other props and items up on the Propworx website. To find out more about Propworx, how to purchase props, and get news and updates on upcoming events, visit

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