Cosplay Photoshoot with Lesson 5 Photography

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to do a cosplay photoshoot with Lesson 5 Photography in our Green Arrow and Speedy costumes. We were outside the McCormick Place in the loading dock area, which set the perfect scene for a couple of crime fighters like ourselves.

Rich Johannsen.jpg

Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography)

The man behind Lesson 5 Photography is Rich Johannsen from Lemont, IL. Photography
starting out as just a hobby for Rich. When he and I first met a few
years ago he was taking pictures at conventions, and taking interesting photos of his awesome toy collection. After a while he started getting lots of compliments
on his work, and photography became more than just a hobby. Rich eventually
got a job taking pictures at a local night club, which is where the majority
of his photographs are taken now. He's really trying to get more photoshoots
with people. Rich especially wants to do more photoshoots with cosplayers because he says, "Staged shoots end up being more interesting."

You can find more of Rich Johannsen's work at his website and you can contact him at You can also stalk him on Twitter @lesson_5.


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  • That was you at C2E2 - I was with Marc & Fausto (Feast of Fun) and they interviewed you about Sex and Super Heroe's.....had I only known it was you. You really are a Super Hero with your Secret Identity!

  • In reply to MichaelLehet:

    OMG! That interview was ridiculous, I was not expecting those questions at all!!! I didn't know who the Feast of Fun guys were lol.

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