C2E2 Friday Recap (PICS)

Hey people, I'm at the C2E2 Press Office right now, stealing their internet access!!! So I thought I'd upload some pictures from yesterday, and a few from today. Check them out at my Facebook Fanpage!

Friday was a busy day for me. I actually ran into someone who's a fan of my blog, that was the highlight of my day! It's very cool to meet the readers, and I'm glad there are people who appreciate the nerdiness I write about. Not a whole lot of cosplayers Friday, but it was a work day. Saturdays are usually the big day for costumes at events like this. Yesterday, while trying to keep my Uhura skirt from riding up, I interviewed the guys who built the awesome Back to the Future DeLorean, and the Batmobile replicas. I also talked to game developer Dan Vader, and the people at PropWorx who are running the Iron Man auction this weekend. Look for those interviews coming soon.

Here are a few of my favorites pictures, but the full gallery is on Facebook!

Facebook: Alter Ego Maniac C2E2 Gallery

Twitter: @NashNovaCosplay



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  • You missed the folks from Kick-Ass! Where are they?!

  • In reply to MajorG:

    I still haven't seen them yet. They did a special signing for the first 100 attendees and I haven't heard anything since.

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